Friday, October 7, 2016

Site-to-Site VPN tunnel to Azure

My first post ever since I passed CCIE. I feel like I've been slacking.

This is a short post. It is treated more as my notepad for future configuration. I recently get contacted to create a Site-to-Site VPN tunnel to Azure Cloud. Just like VMware vCloud, Azure doesn't really display lots of technical detail, so creating the tunnel can be a bit challenging.

Here is the default in Azure:

IKE Mode:  IKEv2
Phase 1
    - Encryption: AES-256
    - Hash: SHA1
    - Lifetime: 28800 seconds
Phase 2
    - Encryption: AES-256
    - Hash: SHA1
    - Lifetime: 3600 seconds
    - PFS: disabled.

- if you're using Cisco ASA, use the same settings, but IKEv1, doesn't matter if you're running 8.4 or 9.1.


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