I’m  a regular IT guy, who have been climbing myself up the ladder of technology. I started with Windows, got thrown into Citrix, became an expert in Citrix, and finally put my heart with Cisco. I am no expert in Cisco in any aspect, but I’m pushing myself to be one.

So what is the goal of this blog? Besides having the very first blog I ever had in my life, I want to use this as my study journal to my CCIE.

I once heard this statement, and I do not remember to quote exactly, but it goes something like: “You know if you’re a master of a subject only when you can explain it in the simplest term”. I found it is very true. Throughout my years of studying in IT, going from CBTNuggets, TrainSignal and INE.COM, I’ve learnt that only the expert who knows his stuff can explain everything clearly. That’s why I love listening to Jeremy and Brian. So I' am creating this blog to re-write what I learn during training, or any gotcha that i find out while working on any environment. There will be a lot of rewrite on the content, and there might be close to 0 on the content, but eventually, when the content is clear, simple to understand, I know that I have finally master it.

The disclaimer I have is: if you happen to find my blog and if I happen to post something technical on it, that technical material is something I came across in my professional career. It might not be best practice, it might not be how you do it in your environment. My suggestion is to research more before you apply it to your infrastructure.

Hopefully I will have more post here in a very near future!

I finally got my number as of July 18th 2016. #53519.